About me

Hello and Thank You for visiting Mulberry Silks.

I inherited Mulberry Silks in 1988 after the death of my friend Leonie Cox, and after much deliberation  decided to go ahead and stabilise the hard work Leonie had put into it and try to keep it going, it was such an innovative way to supply embroiderers with small amounts of several colours without breaking the bank and they were just so attractively presented.   I took Mulberry Silks forward to the best of my ability and enjoy putting the colours together for you.   If you cannot find the colours you would like, I will always make a pack up for you if you can show me your colour scheme.

I have now been producing Mulberry Silks colour schemes for 30 years, and although some of the packs are the original ones, I have added lots more to give you extra variety.   They are all hand wound and are time- consuming and labour- intensive to produce – I hope you will enjoy stitching with them.   There are of course a lot more silk threads available on the marketplace now, but three of my many favourites are: 21st Century Yarns, The Silk Route and Stef Francis, links to these suppliers can be found below.   I hope you will continue to enjoy Mulberry Silks and am always happy to help in any way I can.


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